Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy 1st day of Summer!!!

Since today is the first day of Summer, I want to start off by wishing everyone a Happy 1st day of Summer!!!

These pictures are from my computer room window today!!! So, you can see what a very nice 1st day of Summer we are having here today :)

These are a new brand of chips that I am loving on snacking on sometimes :)
This is some mail I got for my upcoming birthday (June 24th)

These next two pictures are a few freebies that I got in the mail in May 2010 and never got around to posting about till today since I'm not that busy today :P

I spent most of Father's day (June 20, 2010) with my Dad and step-mom... because I wanted to be able to have some time with my Dad while I can since I live close by him right now... hoping to be able to move and have my own life with a guy around my age soon though *sighs*

Also, I'm working on crocheting a new purse!!! Should have that finished soon and then I can share pictures of it with you all soon :)

The other day I ordered my Greyhound bus tickets for my trip to Richmond, VA in  July to see Hanson and they cost me $68.00 for round trip... so not too bad in my opinion... I still have to buy my concert ticket and get a hotel room that night, plus make sure that I have some money for a taxi ride or two and some merchandise from the concert.

Also, Hanson's newest CD "Shout It Out" just came out on June 8, 2010, and my Mom (Valerie) hasn't been able to find it in any stores in Las Vegas, NV or in Henderson, NV :( So, I still don't have the newest Hanson CD yet :( But I know I should have it for sure before Christmas :P

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