Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blog update and real life update...

Well, first off I UPDATED my blog by giving it a new background template and adding some new boxes on the right side of my blog posts to let you know what PTC site I own, what ones pay, what search and win sites I am on, and sites that I am testing out to see if they pay :)

Also, Pam (my step-mom's mom) came over to use my computer today because the libary was closed and she doesn't have internet at home right now... she had to talk to one of her "sugar daddy's" and he bought her a pizza, wings, and sandwich at Domino's so she asked if I wanted to go with her to get it and I said yes, that way I could get my Safelink minutes and just get out of the house for a little bit... It was NICE out today and still is considering it is 79*F outside right now at 5:54pm :)

Anyways, I got some dishes washed and threw away some stuff and organized some stuff in my bedroom and my computer room today too :) Going to work on it more later tonight and then tomorrow because its showed me how much I've missed it looking nice and organized *sighs*

Also, Valerie (my mom) got an e-mail saying the check she is waiting for to send me, my sister Seana, Scott (Seana's husband), and Hayden (Seana & Scott's son) out to Vegas will be sent to her soon, which means that she will be giving me dates for when I will be going out there for a week, but before I go out there I am going to be going to Richmond, VA to visit Brian (my BDSM Daddy) and then go agian to visit him and my friend Jen, who will be driving from NJ, to have some playtime & discipline & drinking for a night or two :D

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