Friday, October 8, 2010

Warm Fall/Autumn Day!!!

First I just want to start out by saying its such a nice and warm fall day today!!! Right now at 1:53 pm it is 75*F outside and I have my windows open :)

I love when the weather is nice like it is today!!!
Here is an updated picture of me...just taken today!!!

Let's see here...what else can I talk about now... *thinks* How about how I'm in trouble and going to be getting my ass blistered tonight from my Daddy for my behaviour lately :(
How about how I want to sign up to take the SAT ASAP so that I can try going to college next year, but I don't really have support from my family and friends :(
How about how I am jealous of my sisters for having normal lives...
How about how if I don't try taking the SAT and signing up from college next year I will ALWAYS be kicking myself in the ass wondering if I could have suceeded in college and got my dream job of becoming a teacher...
Anyways... those are just a few of the things that are on my mind right now *sighs*

*giggles* This is the little girl in me *smiles*

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