Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 1st to the 10th 2010!!!

Well, I was only supposed to spend 11-1-10 to 11-9-10 in Las Vegas, NV, but I got an extra day because I had a panic attack that I wasn't able to control and got kicked off the plane after we were running late and didn't think we were going to make the plane to begin with... They sent me the ER to be checked out and get an OK from a doctor to fly later that day or the next day... I also had to make a follow up appointment with my doctor at home which I did and will go and see him on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 11:00am ...

Well, I spent most of my time in Las Vegas, NV drinking and sending dirty pictures to spankers that I play with... but we did manage to go and see the Hover Dam, Lake Mead, walk the Vegas strip, and spend time with family along with losing LOTS of money gambling :(

I got a camera phone from Valerie (Mom) and spent my time taking pictures with that and uploading some of them to my Myspace and then uploading the videos to my Facebook... I will however be saving the pictures to my computer and making a post with them on here to show you all how much fun I had while in Las Vegas, NV this year :)

I am sooo glad that I got to spend time with MY sister Seana, her husband Scott, and MY nephew Hayden while in Las Vegas, NV... :) I hope to get to do the same again next year :)

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