Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Alright well this here I got from Ronnie (my step-Mom's Dad) *smiles* He's the bestest!!!

All of this stuff came in the Valentine's Day care package swap that I signed up for awhile back on Fetlife *smiles* You gotta know a bit about what I'm into before you will understand why she choose everything she did *smiles* But more on that later because right now I'm LOVING my swap partners gifts *smiles*

I do gotta say that I sent my swap partners gift late :( But I was sick lately and hadn't had a way to the store (I don't drive) and I only got her the following items because it was a $10.00 limit and that included shipping *sighs*

~ Valentine plush bear
~ Russell Stover XOXO Chocolate heart

I think I did good for the spending limit we had on the swap, but guess I'll find out when she gets her box from me on hopefully Wednesday because that is when it should be delivered to her *smiles*

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