Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Visit with my Papa from Monday

As you can see from the picture, I got to visit my Papa at the rehab place he is at yesterday, this was actually my second visit with him since he has been there for a week and a day as of today, but I didn't have his room number till Saturday *sighs*

However, he slept most of the visit I had with him on Saturday, but the visit with him yesterday he was up and moving the whole time *smiles* I loved hanging out with him, but it is hard trying to think of conversations, since he can't talk to much :/ He can only say a few words, so I try to talk about things that he can respond too, but that is hard to do at times.

I did like the fact that I got a bit of a better tour of the rehab from him, yesterday. I found out there are a couple of day rooms to hang out with him in and an internet cafe, that has a coffee knook in it, which we both love *smiles* I also found out that there is a court yard in the middle, that has doors unlocked so that you can go in and out freely with the residents there, because if you take them to the front porch, the nurses have to know and they have to unlock the doors for you.

But with all the good things during the visit, I did find out that my Papa does have alot more work to do, to be able to come home again *sighs* I just hope he realizes it, because I would rather have him at home, then in a rehab place, where he seems too be happy, but also depressed :(

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