Monday, January 18, 2016

Thoughts on self injury again *sighs* TW

Been having thoughts on self injuring lately, but I haven't acted on it, so that is good. However, I told my counselor last week and she asked if I was carrying around my razors or if I have acted on the thoughts and I told her the answer was no to both and she said that was a good thing.
Then at the end of the session she said we are going to start working on trauma issue again sighs Not looking forward to that, because last month when we started it, I began having nightmares and waking my boyfriend up with them in the middle of the night, so not looking forward to that happening again.

Not to mention it adding to the daily stress I am dealing with already and having to try and use my good coping skills and not my self injury coping skill sighs

Hoping I do well with this... will keep you all updated...
Just needed to vent and get this all out.
Don't want to write about it in my journal I take to my sessions though, because that would be weird, but I might.

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