Saturday, February 13, 2016

A scarf on a wine cork loom 2

This is such a great idea and makes me want to make a wine cork loom of my own now :)

Dime Challenge

I'm going to try the dime challenge, even though I don't use cash to much when I buy things. I know the picture says to fill up a 2 liter with dimes, but it shows a 20 oz bottle in the picture filled with dimes. 
So, I plan to start filling up a 20 oz bottle with dimes and seeing how much I save up and go from there, since I have a bunch of those around!!!

Do you plan on trying the dimes challenge? Why or why not? 
Are you going to use a 2 liter bottle or a 20 oz bottle? Why did you choose the bottle size you did?
Have you done a challenge like this before?

The GanzFeld Procedure

I know this is weird, but this is something that I want to try for a few reasons. 
1) I want to see if it works. 
2) I have had visits from people who have passed away and want to see if they will communicate with me this way, like it says they can in the description here.
3) If I try this I plan on recording my experience to share with you all, so you can see if it works or not.

Will you try it? Why or why not? 
Do you think it will work? Why or why not?

Scratch off ticket

I love scratch off tickets and have since I turned 18 and have been allowed to buy and play them in North Carolina.

I tend to only buy the ones for $1 once or twice a month and see how much I can win on them. I usually do pretty well, but I never thought of sharing my progress of my winning tickets before till yesterday when I won again.

So, here is my winning ticket from yesterday:

Payment Proof - SwagBucks

Swagbucks is one of my favorite online earning sites because of all the different ways it helps you earn swagbucks to cashout for rewards. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

January SwagBucks Bonus

For all the earning I did in January on SwagBucks I got a higher bonus then I thought I was going to get, since there was a few days I wasn't able to work since I was sick and not able to work.

For those that don't know what SwagBucks is it is a search and win site that you can also watch videos and complete surveys as well as shop and earn from other sites and get a bonus from that, and lots of other great things. 

You can earn rewards, such as Amazon gift cards, virtual visa gift cards, paypal, and much more.

*Note: The  links in the post above may or may not reward me for you signing up under me.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Frustrated Rant

I'm frustrated and in huge amounts of pain that my pain meds and the heating pad I'm using can't help. I've been in the ER twice this week for the pain and that didn't help figure anything out, just helped treat some of the pain I was in *sighs* :/

So, today, I called and made a follow up appointment with my GI doctor for March, and I'm hoping that when I go the stool sample that I have done will help to tell some of what is going on and also that we can do another colonoscopy and endoscopy, because I'm thinking since May of 2013 my body went from showing visible colitis to having microscopic colitis. So, I'm hoping my GI doctor can find out in March if that is what is what is what is going on and that is why I'm in huge amounts of pain *sighs* :/

Also something else that bugs me, is that the ER doctor prescribed me Bentyl and they know I have colitis and I take Apriso for it, so why would you prescribe me that? Then on top of that I tell you that I have taken it in the past before I was diagnosed with colitis and it didn't help me and made me worse when they that I had IBS *sighs* :/

Not to mention I looked up on my phone at the ER that Bentyl shouldn't be given to those that have colitis *sighs* :/

What is wrong with doctors?