Wednesday, July 1, 2015

*breathes a sighs of relief*

Been in a bad place this last month due to roommate stress, because he didn't pay his half of bills and now we are behind a month on some of our bills.
So, anyways, I did have a good birthday about a week ago, even though I didn't go or do or get anything and just spent time with my boyfriend.
The last few months I've been dealing with the stress of my boyfriend going downhill because he hasn't been on medicine that has been controlling his bipolar and now as of two days ago for the second time ever in his life, he ended up in behavioral health and is hopefully getting help again and will be out in about a week *sighs* But I've been dealing with seeing him self injure off and on and it triggers me a bit because I do my best to avoid it to make my boyfriend happy, so I haven't self injured since, November 27, 2010, but I just changed that a few minutes ago and I'm happy I did because I needed the relief and control and I missed it, if that makes since.

PinchMe Freebies

I got this in the mail last week from PinchMe #GotItFree #Freebies 
This is one of my favorite sites to get freebies from to try out and then give my review on. 
If you aren't already a member of this awesome site, then you should join today, because they have new freebies every week or every few weeks that you can try out and review. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Payment Proof - OneStopGPT

Here is my latest payment proof from the following site that I am on and use everyday. If you aren't already a member of this awesome site, then I highly suggest you join it today and start earning some extra money to help you out with your bills, groceries, or even save for the holidays in December. 


Have been spending time with my awesome boyfriend, watching TV, watching the livestreams that my favorite band has had on their website this week, cleaning the house, carrying around and looking at my razor blades, playing video games, earning money on my online earning sites, finding freebies and deals online, and going for a walk when I can outside, oh yeah, I also, texted my best friend and got a phone call from her and talked to her about things and that helped a TON!!!

I hate the fact that I have had the urge to self injure this week, since it has been my birthday week, but I am kinda used to it and I guess the good news is that I had managed to avoid self injuring thanks to all the distractions I wrote about.

I wanted to share what has worked for me this week and even though I'm still on the verge self injury because I have a TON on my mind, I am still working on my distractions that I posted about and doing my best to avoid self injury right now, but that is getting hard to do *sighs*

Anyways, hope you all have had a great week and weekend and talk to you all soon :)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Payment Proof - SlideJoy

Well, this payment proof came from one of my favorite android apps called SlideJoy, where it shows you different ads on your lock screen and you get paid for unlocking your phone. 

KissMyCash - Payment Proof

Well, I reached cash out again on this awesome site as you can see from my payment proof below :) If you aren't already a member of this awesome site, then I suggest you join it today :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Only have 3 more hours in my 20's...

I'm kinda shocked to know that I'm 29 and about to turn 30 in a few hours and I don't know how to celebrate my 30th knowing me, I will most likely spend the day at home on the computer and watching TV and playing video games and hanging out with my awesome boyfriend Gareth and one of my best friends at home.

I will most likely sleep in and if it is a good day do housework around the house that needs to be done that I'm late on doing *sighs* Never enough time in one day to get house cleaning done *sighs* Anyways, that is my plan if it is a good day, if it is a bad day then I will spend the day sleeping all day and that would suck to sleep away my 30th birthday, but it wouldn't be the first birthday I slept

For those that got to turn the BIG 30, what did you do to celebrate???