Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hmmm, well I got up around 7:10am and then called Jennifer to wake her up at 7:30am and then again at 7:40pm cause she wanted to be up by then :P

Anyways, I drank some coffee while I was chatting on IM with some friends cause I don't believe I'm grounded from IMing friends, just the regular internet...hmmm... I think, not sure and can't really ask.

Well, I got my chores done, then took a shower and then threw a pretty good tantrum to my Dom in e-mail and IM cause I am still pissed about the 14th and think that I lost him cause of it, but he says we will talk tomorrow afternoon. So, I hope he's right cause I want to talk about stuff that is going on between us cause I'm so CONFUSED bout stuff that's going on between us right now and I FUCKING hate that and know that is why I threw a FUCKING tantrum today *sighs*

I got my mail from my Dad's house and had a $100 check from my Mom, which is nice cause I wasn't expecting it, but I'm going to be putting it in my savings account because I NEED FUCKING money!!!

Why the fuck the the electric bills have to go up again? My fucking electric bill is $237.37 or something like that :(

It better not fucking snow tomorrow or Saturday, cause my Dad needs to be able to fucking work and make fucking money so he doesn't lose everything *sighs*

Well, I think I'm going to go watch TV for a bit cause Bones is on and I LOVE that show :P

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