Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Free movie rental from RedBox for 1 night with promo code

We just tried this out today and it really works, this promo code has been active for a few months now as well. It is dvdonme and it brings the price down from $1.20 + $0.06 = $1.26 to $0.00 for the night that you rent it out :) You do have to swipe your debit/credit card and enter your e-mail address and zip code, before you get your movie :)


  1. I liked the free promo codes from Netflix too for a while, but I signed up with Dish and got the Blockbuster @ Home movie package free for three months! It costs less than Netflix normally, and I now have over 100,000 movies, games and shows at my fingertips. A Dish coworker showed me how to use it, and it's great not having to leave the house every time I need a movie!

  2. This promo code is from RedBox, not Netflix...


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