Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 11

Best day of your life.

This is hard because I have had a few days during my life that I said, "this is the best day of my life!!!"
Well, I will have to go back to the day of my last Hanson concert on July 28, 2010 to July 29, 2010.

Please be warned that this came from my journal and shows some of my lifestyle that I am into because it works for me and my partner.

Alright on Tusesday, July 27, 2010 I spent the day working on my chores and making sure that I had everything for my trip to Richmond, VA for the next couple of days.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010, I got to Richmond, VA at 6:00am and walked from the bus station to the 7/11 where I got some coffee to drink then left and walked to the Comfort Inn and reserved a room for the night, then I walked across the street to the bus stop and took the bus downtown so that I could go find the concert venue and sit in line for a few hours while I waited to check in to my hotel that afternoon. I was number 17 in line and texted with you and Jennifer because I convinced Jennifer to skip work that day so she could entertain me as I waited. Well, at around 1pm I got some flyers to pass out from another fan and then took a ride from another fan to the hotel I was staying at and checked into my room and left everything that I didn't need for the concert in my room. I then went back to the venue and got some water to drink and sat in the a/c for a bit because I was hot and thirsty. Anyways, I then signed up for the 1 mile walk with Hanson and got my ticket for that then proceeded to go on the walk wth Hanson which I started next to Zac Hanson and touched him and talked to him once :) I then ended up next to Taylor and talked to him once, then heard him say "damn it" *giggles* I also stood next to Isaac at one point, but I didn't talk to him or touch him *sighs* But it was so exciting to be that close to the three of them and it only took me 14 years to make that happen!!! I then got front row at the concert and was on Taylor's side, so didn't have a good view of Zac till the middle of the concert, but its all good *smiles* I touched Taylor's hand twice and then left the concert and called a cab to take me to the hotel and got there around 1am :P I then went to bed around 1:33am and got up around 6:30am.

Thursday, July 29, 2010... I got up around 6:30am and then called Jennifer to get her up at 7:15am then got in the shower and went downstairs to get some coffee to start my day off with.... I then texted you at 9:00am to see what the plans were for the day and you gave me the bestest news ever saying that you were going to come and get me *smiles* I behaved myself as you ran your errands and then we went to your place and you fixed me something to eat after scolding me for not eating while I was there :( Also you gave me a drink I hadn't ever heard of before, but it was good :) We watched a show you recorded because you knew I would probably be interested in it. Then you ate something cause you said my eating made you hungry :P Then we began our session of spanking me all day :P You scolded me for my showing up when I wasn't supposed to in May and my lying to you and Jen back in May... you also dealt with my not bringing my razors :( You also dealt with my convincing Jen to skip work and you recorded that :( I would like a copy of that though... You let me cuddle with you on the couch for awhile and I loved that *smiles* You also wouldn't tell me your middle name *rolls eyes and wonders when she gets to know what it is* You also got me to help you in the kitchen some and I threatened to throw some dirty spoons at you, but didn't follow through with it cause I wasn't brave enough too... You had me stand in the corner a few times... hmmm... you were just the bestest ever to hang out with *SMILES* We left your place and then you drove me to the bus station and made me promise you that I would eat something and I kept that promise for you :) I also got to give you a few hugs and kisses and I loved that cause you give the best hugs and you actually let me kiss you and you kissed me *smiles*

Friday, July 30, 2010... I got home around 2:00am then e-mailed you and let you know, then I went to bed for a few hours and called Jen to get her up at like 7:30am then slept on the couch till about 8:15am then got some coffee and got online to text with you at 9:00am then spent most of the day taking it easy and ended up napping for a couple hours and watching TV most of the day after you stopped texting with me.

I had the best trip ever and would love to make my spending time with you again happen again and make it a longer time, but know that you have to let me know when that is possible and hope that can happen again soon, because it would keep me on track with my rules you've given me and also hopefully a dd relationship with you!!!

Going Green with the Grizls

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