Saturday, March 9, 2013

Frustrated over health issues (rant)

Ever since the stomach pain started in June 2011 and then I got my first Ovarian Cyst August 2011 and then got my gallbladder out on May 18, 2012, and yet still have stomach pain that is unexplained and have the tests coming back as "normal". I have been dealing with odd blood spotting after I wipe and this is before and after a period since January 2013. It has me NOT being able to read my body the right way like I used to do before all this started and that scares me :(

Another thing that I hate is that I fell and missed up my left ankle in November 2012 and I took it easy on it for a month or two, but it still hurts and swells on me today. I can only move it and sit it in certain ways. 

Why can't I get the answers I need and be able to read my body like I used to??? It is frustrating me :( 

I have also been dealing with breathing issues since I got sick twice in 2011, once in June and then again in October is when my breathing got bad while I was sick and I have been treated a few times for bronchitis since then and the treatments help, but don't take it away, because I still wheeze and depending on what I'm doing, exercising or cleaning, it can get pretty bad, to the point that I try to put up with it over night, before I get up the next morning after not being able to sleep well, and tell my boyfriend to take me to the ER so that I can breathe again. 

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