Friday, July 26, 2013

MyLikes for July 26, 2013

Here are my MyLikes finds for today :) Hope you all enjoy :)

1) You drink it every morning, but how much do you actually know about coffee?

2) Not just for roommates anymore, worst notes ever!

3) Want to get your stomach Summer ready? Here are some great tips for flat abs

4) Loving that Star Wars Swim Suit!!

5) Meet Champ, the happiest dog on earth! So fluffy and cute!

6) Hot dudes and pretty kitties, which is hotter?

7) Want to know more about the NSA whistleblower?

8) Our picks for the coolest celeb and TV dads of all time.

9) Man vs. nature- can you see through camouflage? Test your eyes and spot these hidden animals.

10) Animals riding animals: so cute! Love the monkey and parrot riding a dog.

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