Monday, December 30, 2013

Rainbow loom bracelets

Just got a kit to make these for Christmas from my little sister Tara and I am loving it.
They are addicting to make.

If you want to buy one that you see here or have a custom one made, then let me know what colors you would like and I will come up with something for you :)

Selling price is under $5 for all the bracelets you see here, however there is a cost of shipping and handling to get the bracelet to you, but that shouldn't be too much :)

The below photos are of my little sister Tara's bracelet :) 

This one was made special for my little sister Tara because she is the one to buy me the rainbow loom kit for Christmas :) 
I love the bracelet I gave to my little sister Tara and she does too as you can see :) 

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