Saturday, January 4, 2014

My 2013 Online Earnings Total

Well, I have been earning money online since I was in high school and never kept track of it till January 1, 2013. So, I went an entire year and wrote down each of my payments I have earned online from the sites I use to earn on and my total came out to be $579.99.

I also have been keeping track of my boyfriend's online earnings since March 1, 2013 and his total came out to be $18.00. He doesn't use all the sites I do, so that is pretty good, for just a few sites and not doing it everyday.

I am looking forward to keeping track of my earnings again this year and seeing what I end up with at the end of 2014. I am going to aim for $600.00 or more for myself and just see what my boyfriend ends up with.

If you earn online and keep track of it, then feel free to share with me, how much you earned online in 2013, especially if you joined sites that I post about on my blog. I would love to see your earnings and celebrate with you.

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