Sunday, July 5, 2015

My night in the ER tonight...

I love how my body goes from giving me an ovarian cyst at the beginning of June, to having none as of now, and yet, still being constant pain, like I still have the ovarian cysts, then feeling like they ruptured this week, and almost passing out today, so ending up in the ER for seven hours tonight only to get everything ruled out that they can't find out what is causing the pain :(

So, now on Monday, I am going to have to call my Primary doctor and push him to call and get him to refer me to a new GI doctor, so that I can go get checked out and get a colonoscopy again and see what is going on in the lower right hand side of my colon, that is causing the constant pain that hasn't gone away for months on end :(

I already know, that my colts med needs to be changed because it doesn't totally help my colitis out, but my last GI doctor didn't listen to me about things *sighs* So, hopefully the new GI will figure out what is going on with my colon and figure out a med that actually helps me out *sighs*

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