Saturday, July 9, 2016

Burger King lunch wrong order and can't let them know about it 7/8/16

My boyfriend and I stopped and got Burger King for lunch today 7/8/16 and they got our order wrong. 
I'm upset about it and I can't even complain about it on their site becauce they didn't give me the reciept that has the survey code on it. 
*shakes head* 
I want to tell them about my services so that they know how to better fix it and I can't even do that. 
*shakes head* 
I just don't know why I let their new mac and cheetos con me into coming back into being a customer again, but I did and yeah I shouldn't have because now I deal with the same thing I did before and I don't like dealing with wrong orders all the time. 
Anyways, their mac and cheetos are awesome and I hope you all had a great day, unlike me dealing with having a wrong order and not being able to let them know about it at all. 

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