Sunday, March 6, 2011

31 Day Note Challenge Topics

Day 1- Write a note about yourself.

Day 2- Write a poem about life from a different point of view.

Day 3- Write a letter to a friend.

Day 4- Write a letter to an enemy. (Leave out names.)

Day 5- Write about your hero.

Day 6- Write about something you want to accomplish.

Day 7- Write about a memory from your childhood.

Day 8- Write about a cause you support.

Day 9- Write a list of things that make you happy, tag anyone you mention.

Day 10- Write a poem about anything.

Day 11- Write about where you wish you were right now, and why.

Day 12- Write about something that gets on your nerves.

Day 13- Write about your best friend(s).

Day 14- Write a sentence that's honest. Just a sentence.

Day 15- Write about your favorite holiday.

Day 16- Write a poem about your favorite color.

Day 17- Wrote a poem about your typical day.

Day 18- Write a short story about an extra-ordinary day.

Day 19- Write a haiku.

Day 20- Write about something you believe in.

Day 21- Write about anything that you feel like you need to say. (Even if its indirect.)

Day 22- Write about the best thing that happened to you today.

Day 23- Write a "thank you" note to someone you appreciate.

Day 24- Write about your favorite teacher so far.

Day 25- Write about something you like to do, other than writing.

Day 26- Write about a place you've been before.

Day 27- Write about someone you miss.

Day 28- Write about your guilty pleasure.

Day 29- Write a poem about something you regret.

Day 30- Write about your favorite toy from when you were little.

Day 31- Write about The 30 Day Note Challenge, and what you got out of it.

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