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Two unfinished spanking stories...

Well, here are two of my unfinished spanking stories from my Senior year of high school... These have NOT been edited yet and they may or may not get finished one day...


Zac's Crush

 Ever since 14-year-old, Zac Hanson could remember, he had always had a crush on his next door neighbor Christa Stevenson, who was the same age, as him.
 Zac lived with his parents Walker and Diana, his older brothers, Isaac and Taylor and his younger siblings, Jessica, Avery, Mackenzie, and Zoe.
 Zac's girlfriend Christa lived with her parents, who she hardly ever saw, and her older brother Vince.
 For the last week Zac was being such a total brat, that everyone in his family was sick of being around him, not to mention, his parents had threatend to spank him several times, but had yet to follow through with the threat. Which Zac was thankful for, since he hated spankings with a passion.
 "I'm going to the park for awhile," Zac annouced after breakfast one morning.
 "Do you have all your chores done?" Walker questioned.
 "Of course Dad," Zac replied, rolling his eyes and walking towards the front door.
 "Good because, if you don't then your going to be getting it good, when you get back if your lying to me. Not to mention, it will be the icing on the cake for all your bratty behaviour this week."
 Zac absent-mindily rubbed his bottom as he opened the front door and replied, "yes sir," before leaving and knowing that he hadn't even started on his chores for the day. But Zac, just let all that go away as he went tothe park to meet Christa.

 *At Christa's house*

 Knowing that she was grounded for her behaviour while her parents were gone this last week, and knowing that her brother had ordered her to stay at home and clean the house all day while he was at work. Christa knew that it would be unwise of her to leave the house and meet up with Zac, but that didn't stop her, as she wrote her brother a note, to where she could be found at. What she wasn't that stupid to just leave. lol.
 Anyways, it didn't take Christa long to walk to the park and find Zac.
 "You made it," Christa smiled happily as she ran up to Zac and hugged him.
 "Of course I did," Zac replied, hugging Christa back.
 "I didn't think you would be able to because of how you've been acting lately and all," Christa replied.
 "Yeah, I know what you mean," Zac replied sighing, "and I shouldn't be here now either, since I haven't done my chores yet."
 "You haven't done your chores yet?" Christa questioned, as she thought about the trouble that Zac was going to be in, when he went home.
 "Hell, I haven't even started them yet. Since I knew that they would take me ALL day and then I wouldn't get to see you today," frowned Zac.
 "You're INSANE Zac!?!" shrieked Christa, "You know that your parents are going to kill you now!"
 "Damn, do you have to remind me of that?" replied Zac as he rubbed his bottom.
 "Uh...yeah, because I don't want you to be in more trouble."
 "Well, don't worry about me. I am bringing it on myself, because I want to hang out with you," Zac kissed Christa's cheek.
 Christa could only blush. Since she wasn't expecting Zac to kiss her.
 "Well, what about you?" Zac questioned as he sat on the bench, "Aren't you grounded still?"
 "" Christa stuttered, "let's not worry about me, since I really don't have to until my parents get back in town," Christa absent-mindily rubbed her bottom, before she sat next to Zac.
 A couple hours later, Vince arrived at home to find his sister Christa gone and a note that read:

Hey Bro,
 I needed a break from cleaning. So, I decided to go to the park for awhile.

 After reading his sister's note and seeing that it didn't even look like she did any cleaning whatsoever. Vince got back in his car and drove to the park to find Christa. It took Vince about 5 minutes before he spotted his little sister on a park bench making out with a boy. Vince annouced his presence by coughing some to clear his throat.
 When Christa and Zac heard the coughing they both quickly seperated and got up to see Vince staring at them angrily.
 "Uhhh...hi...," Christa squeaked out.
 "What do you think your doing, young lady?" demanded Vince.
 Christa flinched at the tone of her brother's voice, not to mention the words, 'young lady' which she hated, since it meant she was usually in deep shit.
 "Ummm...I'm ummm...hanging out friend," Christa nervously replied.
 "It looked like you were doing more than 'hanging out'. Besides you know your still grounded and it doesn't even look like you cleaned at all."
 Christa decided that staring at her shoes seemed interesting at that moment. Especially, since she felt like she was two-years-old and not 14 right then.
 Vince then turned his attention to Zac, "Do your parents even know your here?"
 "Yes sir," answered Zac truthfully. It got quiet then as Zac thought of running home, Christa stared at her shoes and as Vince thought about handling the situation.
 "Alright let's go," Vince declared as he grabbed Christa's upper arm, and escorted her to where his car was, "your coming to Zac. I'm taking you to your house and letting your parents know how I found you and then I'll deal with you," he then used his free hand to swat Christa on the bottom.
 "OW," replied Christa as they got to Vince's car, "that hurt," Christa rubbed her bottom where Vince swatted her at.
 "Just think, your get more where that came from... and if you think that hurt, just imagine what my belt is going to feel like," lectured Vince.

 *At Zac's house*

 Vince stood in front of the Hanson household, with Zac next to him, as they waited for someone to answer the door. Diana ended up getting the door, and when she saw Zac standing there next to Vince, she knew from the look on Vince's face that it wasn't good news, even before she asked, "what's gone on this time?"
 "Well, I found Zac, here in the park making out with my sister...,"
 "You WHAT!?!" interrupted Diana, as she glared at Zac angrily and tried not to grab him right then and there.
 Vince's reply was to push Zac closer to Diana and reply, "I just thought you might want to know what he was up too."
 "Well, I thank you," replied Diana, as she grabbed Zac by the upper arm and pulled him in the house, swatting him a good one, and then sending him into the living room to wait for her and Walker.
 "Your welcome," Vince replied and turned to leave to his car as he felt a tiny bit sorry for Zac, since he knew how Diana and Walker were strict. Besides, he had to deal with his sister still.

 *Driveway of Christa and Vince's house*

 "Your in SO much trouble right now, that you don't have any idea," Vince said.
 Christa nodded, "I know and I'm sorry...I won't let it happen again."
 "I already know it won't," replied Vince as they got out of the car and headed inside.
 Christa was headed to the kitchn for a drink, when she stopped, because of hearing what her brother said next, "If I were you. I wouldn't be anywhere near me until I calm down and figure out how to deal with you."
 "Yes sir," Christa answered as she headed upstairs.


Zac's Crush Part 2

 Walker and Diana walked into the living room, where they had Zac wait for them at.
 "Explain to us, what you were caught at the park doing?" Walker asked Zac calmly.
 "Well," Zac started, "I was on a park bench with Christa and...we started to kiss and...well that's all that we were...doing when up."
 Walker and Diana knew that Zac was leaving something out, so Diana grabbed the phone, then asked, "Do I have to call Vince and talk to him?"
 Zac gulped, "I told you everything though," but Zac knew he was lying, he just didn't want to admit it.
 "Your lying Zac," Diana stated as she dialed Vince's house number and waited for Vince to answer.
 Vince answered on the third ring. As soon as Vince said, "hello," Diana asked, "so what exactly were Zac and Christa doing when you found them?"
 Vince didn't hesitate as he explained that he found Christa and Zac hugging, kissing, and putting their hands in places they shouldn't be.
 Diana thanked Vince before they hung up, "Well, what did Vince have to say?" Walker asked his wife.
 "That he found them, hugging, kissing, and putting their hands where they shouldn't be."
 Walker didn't say anything, he just shook his head, stood up, and started taking off his belt.
 Zac freaked, "please not the belt. It was an accident, we were just having fun...," Walker cut Zac off, "having fun, huh? I'll show you fun," Walker folded his belt in half, "Fun is going to be you not sitting for a week."
 "Please Dad," Zac whined, "It won't happen again."
 "Oh I know it won't happen again, but I'm going to make sure of it," Walker stated as he sat next to Zac.


Untitled Story

 It had been about two months, since Vince, my older brother, had spanked me for going to a club and getting drunk. Vince didn't tell our parents what happened that weekend and Zac's parents didn't either. So, the only punishment I had was my brother's. Thank god...although he did spank me pretty good.
 During the two months, I have been sneaking out of the house, doing drugs, getting drunk, stealing, and just being a total BRAT to my parents and my brother.
 My parents weren't to keen on my brattiness, and therefore, turned me over their knees a few times and grounded me. My brother Vince, had been lecturing me on my behaviour, since he knew about all of it except for the stealing.
 Well, now you see what I have been up to lately. So, now I have a whole five days with my brother being in charge of me and knowing that if I get into ANY trouble my brother has to report it to our parents, when they return,and then I'll be punished and depending on what I did, then my brother could be punished to, which is the part that he has always hated, since I am a trouble-maker.
 So, my brother would lecture me on my behaviour and ground me, even though we both knew that didn't work well, because I would just get into trouble again the next day.
 So, I guess that is why I pretty much stayed out of trouble after he spanked me for the first time ever, two months ago, for going to the club and getting drunk.
 My parents were out of town for five days and my brother was at work, when I had decided to go to the mall and steal a few $20 CD's, without getting caught of course. I did make it out of FYE with the CD's just fine and was trying to decide what was going to be the next store I was going to be stealing from, when I was grabbed by my upper arm and spun around and was looking into my boyfriend's face.
 "I know that you didn't pay for those," he scolded.
 "Didn't pay for what?" I questioned, trying to play innocent with him, since that always works. Not.
 "You didn't pay for those CD's. You do realize that this is my third time catching you stealing. don't you?"
 "How do you always know? How did you know I was even here?"
 "Oh I wouldn't worry about that, if I were you. I would be more worried about my boyfriend beating my ass and telling my brother, if I were you."
 "Oh come on Zac. You were just joking when you said all that."
 "Actually I wasn't joking when I told you that and you are going to give those CD's to me until you give me the money for them and as of right now your not to come to the mall UNLESS you have someone with you to make sure your not stealing. If you think I'm kidding about that, then I dare you to try me about it," Zac lectured me.
 I was to shocked that he would talk to me like that, that I didn't realize we were in the driveway where I lived.


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