Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today's FREE deal on NMR - Magic Relighting Candles

Click here to go and take advantage of this great deal before its sold out!!!
Want to know more?

- Frustrate, delight and amaze friends and family with these fantastic relighting candles

- Just light the candles and let them burn for 60 seconds to activate the special effect

- As soon as they’re blown out, they’ll instantly pop to life again

- Totally reusable, it’s a trick that can be played again and again

- Fun for birthdays, parties, magic tricks and more

- Just extinguish them in water when the trick is done

- 10 colorful candles in each set

- FREE of charge (shipping not included, one case per USA household); all we’d ask as thanks is a like on facebook and a positive nomorerack™ comment from you


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