Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Gifts I gave to friends and family on 12/25/12

There are only a few items not pictured and that is:

1) A very soft cuddly teddy bear for one of my nephews.
2) A movie called, "Wedding Singers" for my sister Seana.
3) A haircut/dinner for my boyfriend.

 crocheted blanket for a friend. 

 crocheted scarf for a friend :) 

 crocheted scarf for a Dirty Santa gift exchange :) 

 knitted blanket for a niece :) 

 crocheted blanket for a nephew :) 

 gift for my oldest nephew :) 

 another gift for my oldest nephew :) 

 ornament for my Papa Jerry, that made him cry, but I could tell it meant alot to him that I got this for him in memory of his wife and my Grandma Sally :)

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