Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review of the medium utility tote from Mel's Gifts!!!

First off I won this tote by referring friends to join Mel's Gifts: You can have a tote like mine :) You can get news and updates on her facebook page.
Be sure to check out and get your own medium utility tote to help with your shopping or other needs, not to mention there are lots of other great items to buy as well :D

 Now I gotta put a plug in for these chips, because they are good :) You should try them :)
The above pictures are of the 5 items that we bought that didn't fit inside of the medium utility tote!!!

As you can see from the above two pictures we were able to fit quite a bit into this medium utility tote!!! I love it!!! We keep it in the car for grocery trips now, because it makes bringing groceries in so much easier then before we got it!!!

This is an example of how big it is without groceries in the bag and almost how small you can smoosh it to have room when it isn't in use!!!

I would love for you to go visit Mel on her facebook page and tell her that Christa Sunderland from Christa's Random Thoughts!!! sent you :) Also, if you are interested in anything you hear about on her facebook page or want to get your own medium utility tote, then you need to go to: 

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