Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mail call from last week and this week

What ones have you gotten? 
If you haven't gotten any, then keep an eye on my blog because I share all the freebies, sweepstakes, and instant win games I come across, with all my wonderful readers when I find them :) 

Don't need these right now, since my birth control takes my period away, however I have friends that visit that have periods, so these will come in handy for them :) Thank you U by Kotex :) 

This just came in the mail today :) Thank you Snickers :) 

These will help for a bit with my acid reflux. Thank you Prilosec :) 

These are going to come in handy since we have a working dishwasher :) Thank you Finish :) 

As you can see I got another perk thanks to Klout and my being a great klout influencer in different topics.

Thank you for my gift card Klout :) 

I love the design on the gift card :) 

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