Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Update on my colitis from yesterday when I saw my new GI doctor in Greensboro, NC

Was told from my new GI doctor that my biopsies from my colonoscopy last year didn't show good or bad results, but I do have colitis according to my last GI doctor however they are calling it Atypical colitis right now because they don't know much about it. He was saying he wants to do a procedure to check just my semicolon or something, however that would mean he would stop my Apriso and depending on what he finds he may not put me back on Apriso, even though it is mostly controlling my colitis right now. I still have the lower left pain as a dull ache most of the time, unless my body stresses over something and then my pain skyrockets or even if I'm not stressed and my body is just having a bad day then my pain skyrockets from the lower left constant pain area all the way to where it comes out. However, he was also saying that he is thinking that it may just be IBS or IBD and I tried to tell him, but he kept cutting me off that I have been treated for that and it has never taken my pain away or the symptoms, but he doesn't think I have colitis basically. I was told he would see me in 3 months and we will see how I am doing then. He didn't seem concerned about the constant upper stomach pain and bloating. I see him again on June 2, 2014.

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