Monday, May 19, 2014

Bad day yesterday :(

Had a bad day yesterday with my colitis pain and accidents, so I didn't get to workout yesterday emoticon 
I also binged (well to me it was binging, because I can't eat much anymore with my colitis and always being bloated and nauseous) on food and I felt bad about it because I knew I didn't work off any calories all day, like I had the first three days with being back on here emoticon 
I didn't even drink water yesterday emoticon 

With all that yesterday, I'm not letting it set me back today. Even though I couldn't sleep tonight with insomnia and my colitis pain getting higher emoticon 

I am determined to get at least a ten minute workout in today and not eat so much again today, because I don't want to gain back the 5 pounds I lost since the beginning of the year, especially since I want to get my weight down a few more pounds before I go back to my GI doctor on June 2, 2014. 

Not to mention I want to get down 10 pounds by September 5, 2014 when I go to brain injury camp with my cousin again. I need more energy because we walk a lot at camp and I don't like not having energy to do the walking or enjoy it, since walking is my preferred exercise. 

Do you have any goals you are working on? 
If yes, then what are they? Are you doing good with your goals? 
If no, then why don't you? 

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