Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bing Rewards - Why you should join today?

Well, if you aren't already a member of Bing Rewards, then you should join today!

The reason why is because, you can get rewards to help you get:
 ~ Xbox games
~ Xbox live month membership
~ Starbucks
~ Swagbucks
~ Amazon

And lots more great rewards!

Also, if you are Gold level on Bing Rewards you get a discount of the amount it costs you for the reward you want. So, say your reward is 500 points if you aren't Gold level, once you get to Gold level you can get that prize for 475 instead!

 I just want to say that I wasn't rewarded for this post in anyway. I just love to share sites that help others save money throughout the year with expenses that they like or want to give as gifts for friends and family. Also, this post may or may not contain an affiliate link.

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