Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas Gift from my Mom - 2015 - Review

This came to me as a Christmas gift from my Mom on December 14, 2015.
I wasn't expecting a Christmas gift from her until January 2016, because she had to take care of family Christmas gifts in person where she lives as well as take care of paying bills, so when I got a big box and saw all of these boxes, I was very surprised and had to document the unboxing of the Christmas gift from my Mom, to send to her and show her that I got it and loved it and thank her for it.

These looked good, but when I tried them the were way to sweet and gummy tasting for my taste, so I only had two of them.
My boyfriend Gareth, didn't even try them, because he isn't a fan of them at all. I don't blame him for that, since I'm not either.

My boyfriend and I loved the breadsticks with the dipping sauces.
I preferred the cheddar one over the mustard one and my boyfriend, preferred the mustard over the cheddar one.

These were really good :)
My boyfriend and I both loved them :)

What isn't to love about meat and cheese?
My boyfriend and I loved all the meat and cheese in this box :)

Aren't these cute?
My boyfriend and I loved these little chocolate cakes.

I loved the cheese popcorn more so then the caramel popcorn.
I did love the white chocolate pretzels as well.
My boyfriend enjoyed all three about the same, even though he isn't a fan of white chocolate.

So, as you can see I got a very awesome and unexpected Christmas gift from my Mom!
What did you all get for Christmas 2015? Who was it from?

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