Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rest In Peace - Grandma Sally - 11-6-31 to 5-9-12

Rest In Peace Grandma :( I can't believe this day has come :( I am just dreaming right??? :( She is really still here right??? :( *cries and looks around for HER Grandma Sally*

I just don't know how to feel...I can't believe she isn't around anymore....It's a lie right??? Why can't I wake up from this nightmare???

She raised me and is more like a Mom to me then a Grandma, but she is also MY best friend!!!

If it wasn't for my Grandma I wouldn't be here today!!!


Bring her back to me!!!
I NEED her still!!!



  1. I love you Christa.. She is and always will be with us. Stay strong, I love you always!

  2. I love you to Seana and I know she will always be with us and I am doing my best to stay strong and I love you always too sis!!!


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