Sunday, March 23, 2014

Venting about pain and health issues

I hate health issues that deal with your GI tract and stomach. They are frustrating for a few reasons and I am sick of them and want them to go away now! Hell I wouldn't wish them on my worse enemy because they are tortuous!

I hate having pain 24/7! Especially pain that doctors won't treat because I don't want to go see them and then when I do go see them they just assume I am drug seeking and I'm not. I just want something to control my pain, since what I am on now doesn't do shit for me.

I also hate the joint pain that comes with having GI tract and stomach issues. It sucks because once again it is pain that doctors don't treat because they don't see it and don't believe it is there for me all the time *sighs*

Why do I have to deal with health issues that doctors don't want to treat? I don't deserve this :( I want to be pain free again.

Sorry for venting, but dealing with constant pain and feeling sick all the time when you look fine otherwise sucks and gets to you sometimes :(

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