Monday, June 2, 2014

2nd visit to me GI doctor in NC

Today was my 6 month follow up (aka 2nd visit) to my new GI doctor in North Carolina and I updated him that I was still having the same constant pain and gotten sick a few times and dealing with constant bloating as well as the constipation pain, even though I have constant diarrhea so I know I'm not constipated.

He still isn't sure what is going on, but nonetheless since I do have colitis, he renewed my refills on my colitis meds and then gave me a sample of align to try and said that it would be ok for me to try diatomaceous earth when my boyfriend brought that up. He wants to see me in three months and see if things have changed for the better or worse, so I will be keeping track with my GI app still as well as letting you all know how things go on here.

I'm nervous about trying the align and diatomaceous earth, but am going to do my best and be optimistic about them working, because I hate being in constant pain.

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