Sunday, June 28, 2015


Have been spending time with my awesome boyfriend, watching TV, watching the livestreams that my favorite band has had on their website this week, cleaning the house, carrying around and looking at my razor blades, playing video games, earning money on my online earning sites, finding freebies and deals online, and going for a walk when I can outside, oh yeah, I also, texted my best friend and got a phone call from her and talked to her about things and that helped a TON!!!

I hate the fact that I have had the urge to self injure this week, since it has been my birthday week, but I am kinda used to it and I guess the good news is that I had managed to avoid self injuring thanks to all the distractions I wrote about.

I wanted to share what has worked for me this week and even though I'm still on the verge self injury because I have a TON on my mind, I am still working on my distractions that I posted about and doing my best to avoid self injury right now, but that is getting hard to do *sighs*

Anyways, hope you all have had a great week and weekend and talk to you all soon :)

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