Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Workout Goals/Challenges for the week of 3/27/16 to 4/2/16

My two workout goals are:

~ Walk 30 minutes 3 days a week!
~ Walk 3,000 steps in a day 3 days a week!

Well, last week I only was able to make my goal of 3,000 steps one day and I didn't complete the 30 minutes goal.
That is according to what I am using to keep track of my workout goals and steps, but I know I have done more some days, so it isn't always accurate, but that is ok, because it helps get me more active and then this Easter weekend while a friend was over I worked out to Just Dance 3 on the Xbox 360 and Kinect Adventures games on the Xbox 360. As well as going to Celebration Station and walking around and playing games and whatnot. So, I got a great workout this Easter weekend.

Also, want to say it is frustrating to try and workout and eat and whatnot since it feels like my colitis is getting worse and worse each day, but I keep trying to push through it and fight it, because I want to get my weight down out of the 200's by the end of the year.

3/27/16 - Steps - 1,272
                 Minutes - 4
3/28/16 - Steps - 3,051
                 Minutes - 15
3/29/16 - Steps - 903
                 Minutes - 4
3/30/16 - Steps - 402
                 Minutes - 1
3/31/16 - Steps - 891
                 Minutes - 4
4/1/16 - Steps - 161
                 Minutes - 1
4/2/16 - Steps - 499
                 Minutes - 2

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