Friday, March 14, 2014

New colitis pain because I'm stressed? Not sure, but I don't like it :(

I have a new pain that the only way I can describe it is by saying it is, "sporadic sharp and right next to my belly button on the left side." For most of yesterday it would just come and go for a couple seconds, but cause me extreme pain when it showed up that made it feel longer and made me feel sick. Then at 9:30pm it was a constant pain, so I took a couple 500 mg Naproxen and a couple 50 mg Tramadol and passed out in pain because of it, but all throughout the night it was come and go with it and now it feels like my colon is on FIRE because of it and I feel sick because of the pain :(

I'm sure it is from my colitis because I have been stressed so much the last couple weeks from a few family members, even though I don't feel stressed, I guess my colon does and so it is beginning to cause me extreme pain and sickness again :(

I'm just hoping it doesn't get me sick for real because I will end up in the ER again and I don't want that :( I have too much to do and I don't want to be that sick :( Besides they can't do much for me at that point besides try to manage it to where I'm not sick and then send me home to deal with the constant pain.

Sorry, just need to vent because I don't like to tell my boyfriend what is going on all the time since he has his own stress to deal with right now with trying to get on disability and get his car tags updated since we moved last year and they are outdated :/ He can't get a job and that stresses him out :( He owes the IRS money and is afraid since he can't pay them up front all the money that they are going to freeze his accounts to get the money he owes :( Which means all we would have left of his money is enough for five more months of rent where we live.

I guess another stressor for me is also that I have a tendency to horde some things and not want to let them go because I think I may need them in the future for something. Also the fact that I am trying to clean and get organized and downsize more, but since I am a person that cleans in one spot for a bit, then gets bored, I take a break for coffee or a walk, then go back to cleaning another spot in a totally different part of the house *sighs*

At least my boyfriend balances me when it comes to cleaning, because he can focus on one area and get it cleaned up even if he needs to take a break for a drink or a walk.

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