Friday, October 24, 2014

Stomach pain 24/7 sucks :(

First off, I just want to say this is a post where I will be venting about my chronic stomach pain and also sharing info with clickable links for those that don't know about the conditions that I'm venting about.

I'll also, be giving some background to some of the pain I have dealt with the last few years.

I have been dealing with chronic stomach pain since June 2010 and each day it seems to get worse :( I would love for it to go away and let me be pain free again, since I hardly have any good days even with the chronic pain at low levels, because it varies throughout the day. All of my major pain has been concentrated on my lower left stomach since June 2010.

Well, in August of 2011, I experienced my first ovarian cyst on my left ovary, however, I was still in extreme pain on the lower left of my stomach.

Then in May 2012, I lost my Grandma Sally Sunderland who I was extremely close to because she raised my sisters and I.I also ended up having surgery to get rid of my gallbladder because, during tests to see what was the cause of my lower left stomach pain, they found out in March of 2012 that my gallbladder was dead. Then during surgery they found out that it was sticking to other organs nearby as well. I also never had any pain from my gallbladder.

Then in May 2013, I found out after my second colonoscopy, first one was March 2012, that the cause of my lower left stomach pain was because I have colitis and gastritis. I also started dealing with bloating and gas 24/7 not long after this colonoscopy.

Then in June 2013, I got put on the med Apriso and still take it to this day.

However, at the beginning of 2014, I had started to have a pain under my left rib cage, that feels like it is constantly being pushed on from an organ under it and scrapping on it. Not to mention being bloated and tender 24/7 still

The pain under my left ribs and bloating is so bad now, that I am feeling nausea 27/7 from it and am extremely tender and can't stand to be touched on my upper stomach.

Now as of September 2014 off and on it started with random sharp pains around my belly button that come and go. As of October 2014, the belly button sharp pains are coming and going more and radiating over to my lower right stomach and making me even more nauseated.


The pain under my left ribs, bloating, belly button pain, and lower right stomach pain. I have no idea what is causing it yet.

I have been brushed off about the pain under my left ribs and bloating by doctors every time I bring it up.

The belly button pain and lower right stomach pain, hasn't been brought up yet because I'm sure it is just due to my colitis, however if it gets worse between now and October 29, 2014, when I go to my first pain clinic appointment, then I will get it checked out. If not, then I will just bring it up to the doctors at the pain clinic appointment.


  1. oh no, I'm sorry to hear this! my mom suffers from stomach pains. Have you tried the FODMAP diet? sounds weird, but google it--it's helped my mom a lot! there may be certain ingredients in totally natural, normal foods that are throwing you. doctors can be useless sometimes--so sorry you're dealing with this! xoxo

    1. Thank you for the reply and I'm sorry to hear your Mom also deals with stomach pains :( I wouldn't wish stomach pains like I deal with constantly on anyone.
      No I have never heard of the FODMAP diet, but I will look it up and see what it is about soon. Thank you for the suggestion.
      I have given up a lot of food and drinks since I have been having stomach issues because they make them worse for me. I'll post more on that soon in a blog entry.
      I agree doctors can be useless at times and I think that is why I don't trust them anymore :(


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