Thursday, February 12, 2015

Colonoscopy and endoscopy failure day today :(

Well, I started yesterday (February 11, 2015), by having a liquid only diet all day and then at 6:00 pm I had to begin this new prep to clean me out called Surprep Bowel Prep. It didn't start working on me till 8:00 pm, so that kind of sucked, but it was quick work after it. The taste was ok for the most part, however, it made me really nauseated and feeling like I was going to be sick at any given minute. Luckily I didn't get sick. I was up and down all night, then had to wake up and drink the second half of my Surprep Bowel Prep at 7:30 am, I had to have it down and the extra liquid to follow it by 9:00 am and I was almost able to do that. I drank about half of it before I had to stop because if I continued, then it would be coming out the wrong end.

I got to my appointment and signed in by 12:00 pm, like I was supposed to and I was supposed to have been back for my colonoscopy and endoscopy at 1:00 pm, but that didn't happen, because even after 7 times of being poked to find a vein, they couldn't get one. They tried 5 times in my left arm/hand/wrist and 1 time on my right arm, then 1 time on my left foot.

Since, they couldn't get a vein, and they felt bad poking me so many times, they asked if I wanted to do the procedures awake and I told them no, because it would most likely cause me to have my PTSD act up and freak me out and I didn't need that, not to mention I was already dealing with pain and feeling like I was going to be sick at any given moment.

They allowed me to leave just before 2:00 pm and told me that I would get a call later and let me know when they rescheduled me at the hospital for another one. The hospital has a few machines to help find veins that like to hide and are deep, etc. So, hopefully when I go for my next one it will actually happen and I won't get stuck 7 times again and then have to leave frustrated again like today.

I felt bad because I feel like I wasted my time preparing for the procedures and my boyfriends time, not to mention their time. I also feel like I wasted money because the procedure didn't work out today. I guess my first two worked out better for me because they were done in the hospital where they have ways of finding veins that like to hide and especially so when you are dehydrated.

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