Wednesday, July 1, 2015

*breathes a sighs of relief*

Been in a bad place this last month due to roommate stress, because he didn't pay his half of bills and now we are behind a month on some of our bills.
So, anyways, I did have a good birthday about a week ago, even though I didn't go or do or get anything and just spent time with my boyfriend.
The last few months I've been dealing with the stress of my boyfriend going downhill because he hasn't been on medicine that has been controlling his bipolar and now as of two days ago for the second time ever in his life, he ended up in behavioral health and is hopefully getting help again and will be out in about a week *sighs* But I've been dealing with seeing him self injure off and on and it triggers me a bit because I do my best to avoid it to make my boyfriend happy, so I haven't self injured since, November 27, 2010, but I just changed that a few minutes ago and I'm happy I did because I needed the relief and control and I missed it, if that makes since.

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