Wednesday, December 9, 2015

GI doctor update - December 8, 2015

He only got the records from one of my previous GI doctors so far :/ So, he has to try and get the records from the other GI doctor again :/ He is going to keep my meds the same right now. He wants me to do a stool sample for him this week *sighs* I hate doing those :( But hoping it helps shows what is going on since the CT scan last week at the ER didn't show what was going on :( He wants me to come back and see him again in March. I lost two pounds in the six weeks since I last saw him so I went from 242 to 240 now. Not sure how that happened since I'm not trying to lose weight right now. I think it is my colitis making my weight come off right now, but no complaints.

I hate that my colon had me up in severe pain all night last night and today. None of my meds are working to bring down my pain and control it and that sucks. Why does colitis pain have to be so painful and hard to control?

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