Thursday, November 26, 2015

My boyfriend's birthday 2015

This is the mini-bundt cupcakes that I made for my boyfriend's birthday on November 10, 2015, this year. 

I wasn't able to get him a gift for his birthday this year, because we are tight on money, but I knew I at least had to bake him some cupcakes to help celebrate his birthday. 
Besides he loves my baking and was hoping I would bake him something for his birthday, even though he didn't ask me out right to do so.
This year he had a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, that came with sprinkles. He isn't a fan of sprinkles, but I got the frosting anyways and put it on the cupcakes, because in my mind it makes them look more like they are celebrating something special, and since they were for his birthday, they were celebrating something special!!!

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