Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Frustrated Rant

I'm frustrated and in huge amounts of pain that my pain meds and the heating pad I'm using can't help. I've been in the ER twice this week for the pain and that didn't help figure anything out, just helped treat some of the pain I was in *sighs* :/

So, today, I called and made a follow up appointment with my GI doctor for March, and I'm hoping that when I go the stool sample that I have done will help to tell some of what is going on and also that we can do another colonoscopy and endoscopy, because I'm thinking since May of 2013 my body went from showing visible colitis to having microscopic colitis. So, I'm hoping my GI doctor can find out in March if that is what is what is what is going on and that is why I'm in huge amounts of pain *sighs* :/

Also something else that bugs me, is that the ER doctor prescribed me Bentyl and they know I have colitis and I take Apriso for it, so why would you prescribe me that? Then on top of that I tell you that I have taken it in the past before I was diagnosed with colitis and it didn't help me and made me worse when they that I had IBS *sighs* :/

Not to mention I looked up on my phone at the ER that Bentyl shouldn't be given to those that have colitis *sighs* :/

What is wrong with doctors?

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